Are my eyes deceiving me? A hotel made of Salt?


    • Thank you lovely! And I adored your post on your trip to Bondi Markets. So so cute. And like you, I am a sucker for soy candles! x

  1. There are 5 star flashpacker resorts up there?! I had no idea and now bitterly regret the freezing cold showers I endured in our backpacker salt hotel and lack of electricity! It made drinking games by candle light and a 9pm bedtime socially acceptable though so not a total loss.

    • Drinking games by candle light sounds pretty damn amazing!
      I also stayed in one of the back packer style salt motels later in the trip. You had to pay $20 to get a warm shower. Haha. But it had lots of character and we played card games into the freezing cold night by candle light.
      I’m sure you share my opinion that the salt flats are such a magnificent experience! x

  2. Hey Gemma! Im wondering how long you recommend staying in Bolivia? How long in the salt flats? And did you do any tours or just cruise around yourself?

    • Hi Corrie,
      I spent 2 weeks in Bolivia. I started in La Paz to explore the town and do the “death road” tour (very scary but exhilarating!).
      Then I went to the Amazon Pampas and did an incredible 3 day tour. I have never seen so many crocodiles and pink dolphins in my life. It was magical. After that I headed to the Salt Flats and did a 3 day tour which ended up at the Chilean border! It was tryule incredible and a definite highlight of the whole trip. Mind blowing scenery. I can’t recommend it enough!

      • That’s awesome thanks so much Gemma I love getting first hand advice 🙂 I’ve also been getting some good tips from Athena she’s helped me heaps!
        Miss your face at work everyday but you look like your having an absolute blast!
        Corrie x

        • One more question Gemma? How much spanish did you know going over to these countries? Should I take some classes?

          • I knew very little! I actually started on a great app called DUO LINGO. I highly recommend it, it’s great for beginners and sets you up with good basic knowledge of the language.
            You’ll find that every country you travel to in central/south America there are so many Spanish schools! Depending on how much time you’re travelling you could take some time to do some intensive classes. I looked in to doing classes in Nicaragua for $7 an hour! But I ran out of time and had to move on to Costa Rica. I crammed 12 countries into 5 and a half months so I was quite time poor. But you should definitely consider it!

  3. thats great! thanks so much Gemma i really appreciate this help 🙂 im leaving neighbours in a couple of weeks for good so ill have some extra time up my sleeve to try and learn some soo excited thanks heaps xo

    • No worries Corrie. Congrats on finishing work! Huzzah! I miss that place.
      So excited for you to travel. It really is the most soul enriching thing you can do!

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