The Best Day of my Life! – Our Wedding Album


  1. What a beautiful, happy day Gemma! I’ve never seen bigger smiles in wedding pics. Gorgeous gowns and the boys looking dapper. Congrats on a perfect day and thanks for sharing xx

    • Thank you gorgeous. I wish I could go back to that day again and again. At least I have to photographs forever xx

  2. Gemma! Oh my gosh! No words. These photos are absolutely stunning and you my dear make the most beautiful bride in the world. You two are gorgeous couple together and I wish you all the happiness in the world. So much love for you xx

  3. Stunning, just stunning………….these photos leave me breathless. Thank you so much for sharing and best wishes for a life of marital bliss! Melanie.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, it looks like a wonderful dream. Many congratulations. Wishing you many more dreamy magical moments together on the journey that is marriage.

  5. Simply beautiful, it’s quite an achievement to make a grumpy old man like me go all mushy, but you succeeded. You’re a truly wonderful person Gem, and I wish the both of you many decades of the happiness that’s written all over your face. x

  6. Super gorgeous every single picture!!! It truly does look like a super magical and extra special day! Love the dress change as well. So happy for you both Mr and Mrs Rooney 🙂 xoxo

    • Yes I had to get the legs out so I could dance the night away with wild abandon. Thanks for your sweet comments gorgeous Pip xx

  7. WOW!!!! So beautiful and amazing! Every detail looks just perfect! Makes me want to get married all over again! Congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

  8. wow it looks like you had such a magical day, you made a stunning bride congratulations to you both may you have a long life together filled with laughter, love and many adventures x

    • Thank you for your kind well wishes Laura. I hope for a lifetime of adventure!
      Have smashing New Year lovely x

  9. Again, absolutely gorgeous, the photos show us readers a little glimpse into what a perfect day you all had. Thank you for sharing such a private special day. What a beautiful bride and a handsome proud groom.
    Loved the picture of you and your dad, a lovely photo to treasure forever.

  10. What absolutely beautiful photographs, they made me smile and brought a few tears to my eyes at the same time!! It looks like you had the most perfect day! Wishing you both lots of love and happiness for many many years to come xx

    • Oh my I can’t wait to share my wedding highlight video with you. It’s a real tear jerker.
      Thank you for your gorgeous words.
      Have a beautiful 2016 x

  11. Absolutely stunning! The dress, the flowers, the venue.. everything is just stunning! No wonder it’s the best day of your life. Pretty perfect!! x

    • Oh thanks Jules! It felt like a dream. Still floating’ on cloud nine. Hope I never come down. Lots of love to ya xx

  12. Um, okay so this is probably the best wedding I’ve seen in so many ways (I watched the video too – incredible!). The overwhelming joy in your eyes and incredible smile is truly precious (do not even get me started on the to-die-for dress. Gasp!). It’s made me desperately consider getting married again (to the same man, thankfully, but yes, again please)! I’m in a cafe and tears are rolling down my face – I think people are wondering whether I’m a touch crazy ;-/. I’m not a very ‘wedding’ person (I got married on a beach in Broome, where I grew up, and my bridesmaids and I arrived on camels- very unconventional but so so wonderful), so it’s a big call to feel this way! I’m now sadder than ever that we missed our dear friend’s wedding in Thailand (Koh Samui – same place as yours) last year ;-(

    So I’ve spent a good 2 hours reading your blog today (was supposed to be working on my own, but there you have it – once I started I couldn’t stop!). The Tez talk about failing and getting back up really struck a chord too.

    Keep up the amazing work Gemma, you’re a serious talent, with a crazy wonderful blog.

    • Thank you for your gorgeous and kind words Rachel. I love that you’re a blossoming blogger too!
      And I friggin’ adore that you and your bridesmaids arrived on camels to you wedding. You must have some brilliant photos!
      Once again thank you for stopping by my blog and giving it some love. Good luck with all your future endeavors.
      Gem xx

  13. It looks stunning!! So so magical and just so beautiful. This inspires me.
    wish you all the best!

  14. Hi Gemma! I absolutely love everything about your wedding! I am currently planning my own Mexican wedding, and wondering what the venue is?? Thank you!!

    • Thank you lovely! My wedding was in Koh Samui Thailand at Villa Kalyana.
      Best of luck planning your Mexican wedding. I friggin’ love Mexico. Such a great place to get married!
      Gem x

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