Margot Robbie, My Camera & Me


  1. Awesome Miss P, and such lovely words about Margot. After she had been on our Neighbours screens for about a month I had a small wager that she would be the first alumni to win an acting Oscar, and Wolf of Wall Street only reinforced my confidence. Am now a subscriber to your blog (yeah it took me long enough to get my butt in gear) so looking forward to our journey together.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The first time I shot a scene with Margot I remember thinking "This girl is Oscar worthy". Time shall tell but I think we’ve got good odds! Thank you for your sweet feedback. Means so much! x

  2. Lovely photos Gemma, you are very talented with a camera & Margot a stunning model for you. Love seeing your photos on your blog & instragram. Keep up the good work x

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