Why I won’t let them eat (wedding) cake!


  1. what a great post, I think those who get married do so many things that are considered “well that’s what you do at weddings ” the cake being one of them. a few of my friends have got married and they have never looked back on their day and thought wasn’t the cake the best part? it’s been the moment their groom has looked at them when walking down the isle, getting to celebrate their love for each other with those who have seen their love grow over time. As a guest I wouldn’t think oh well this wedding is a let down because there’s no cake, id think good on them for saving a hell of a lot of money. you don’t have to stick to “that’s what you do at wedding” do what you want its your day.
    Laura x

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! I rarely remember the cake. But the look on the grooms face when he first sees his bride? Priceless! x

  2. Hallelujah!! Cake is overrated.. although the best I’ve seen is a CHEESE cake. It was a wheel of cheese with little bowls of savory biscuits to eat the with the “cake”! It also makes you wonder how much of the wedding is done because “it’s what you do”! Good luck and best wishes for your day!

    • Cheese cake? Oh my, what a fabulous idea. I’ve seen cupcake wedding cakes but not a cheese cake! Was it wheels of cheese stacked on top of each other?
      And thank you for your well wishes,
      Gemma x

  3. Love it! Totally agree, what’s the need? Love the idea of sticking to the local delicacies instead of going along with somewhat meaningless tradition – will make it an unforgettable wedding! Good luck with the rest of the organising and enjoy the lead up ☺️ X

  4. I couldn’t imagine a wedding without the cake but the more I think about it, just imagine all the things I could have instead!

    • I’ve definitely put the money I would’ve used for a wedding cake to good use. It’s a surprise for my guests and I can’t wait to see the looks other faces! x

  5. Great blog. I’m getting married and I’ve noticed that there is a lot of expectation to conform. Whilst I agree with your sentiments above we are having a cake because we both LOVE cake (it will be chocolate orange – mmmmm) and because a good friend of ours loves to bake, her cakes are amazing and she offered to bake ours as a gift so it will be special to us. However if that wasn’t the case I doubt we would have one. I’m loving organising the wedding and doing things outside of ‘the norm’ (a trapeze artist being one – another friend!). Anyway, enjoy the rest of your planning, the day and most inportantly your life together! Keep blogging xx

    • A friend baking your wedding cake is so so special. That makes perfect sense to me! And a trapeze artist? Goodness you have some talented friends. No doubt that will wow your guests and be a unique memory different from other weddings. Good luck with the rest of your planning! Love Gemma x

  6. i definitely couldn’t forgo cake – not because of tradition, just because i loooove eating (and more recently, baking!) cakes! but everyone has to do whats right for them to make it a memorable day and if cake won’t be missed then there’s no point to having it 🙂

    my brother and his sister in law had a cake of cheeses which we all snacked on later in the evening with pickle and bread/crackers! kept us going on the dancefloor for a few hours more, that’s for sure! hopefully the link to the picture works as it was really a work of art as well!


    • Yes the link worked perfectly. Holy cow, what an amazing cake of cheese with all the trimmings. Such a genius idea and beautifully designed! x

  7. Finally someone else who gets it. I understand those of westernised heritage to do the cake etc. It’s when those who have different backgrounds and don’t embrace their culture because it’s not the ‘norm’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big cake fan but I’d much rather explore other delights if the wedding is multicultural (e.g I recently went to a wedding that was half Algerian and half Eastern European so the dessert were a sample of both countries! A real treat). Even though your’s is a destination wedding, are you going to infuse your day with Thai delights? Lots of love! x

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