What To Do When The Quarter Life Travel Bug Bites!


  1. Hi Gemma,
    I’ve tried to follow the link but it doesn’t seem to be working… Could you repost it? I am absolutely the person you’ve written about – I never had the money to travel pre- or even post-uni and now, with a husband and small baby, am desperate to take a few months out and take my little family on an amazing adventure before the little one starts school. This would be an AMAZING prize!
    I’m loving reading your blog posts so keep ’em coming ☺️
    Anna x

  2. This is amazing, I’ve had the travel bug in the last year. In my early 20’s I was too sick to travel then I decided to go to university from 25-29 now for my 30th next year I’ve decided its time for adventure if not now when? there’s a whole world to see, people to meet and I cant wait so I will be entering 🙂 xx

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