Baby got backless (and braless)


  1. stunning dress and pictures definitely a win for us small chested ladies, we have to win at something 🙂 loving the sandals makes me wish it was summer again in the uk

    • Oh No! You’re in the UK. My parents live there and feel bad every time we Skype and they’re all rugged up in jumpers.
      Stay warm Laura! x

      • oh do they, I bet they get jealous of your gorgeous whether. its beautiful here in wales in the autumn but freezing time to get the hats, scarves and boots back out summer was nice whilst it lasted 🙂 x

  2. Hi Gemma,

    Love this dress – you look stunning! (as usual).

    What are your suggestions for strapless/stick on bras to go with dresses like these?

    xx Sammi

    • I just went bra less. But yes these dresses would totally work with stick on bras! Hope all is well with you gorgeous! xx

    • Thank you gorgeous Pip! We are both such fans of beautiful Balmoral. I’m glad I got to get the rotunda into one of my shoots. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of it in future posts! Lots of love x

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