Claire Holt, my camera & me


  1. Fab shots Gem, and yes, it’s great to see Australians (and us Brits) doing great things in America.

    Good luck with Aquarius (my star sign(!)) Claire, I hope we get to see you over this side of The Pond.

    • Thanks Rachelle! Yes, I can’t wait to catch the show. It finally start airing in Australia tonight! x

  2. The photos are so natural and shows Claire’s true beauty. Love the outfits, great job Gemma. Love her in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, keep up the good work you two 🙂

  3. Just saw Claire’s post on Instagram about this photo shoot and I had to come here to see all the photos. These are so dreamy and beautiful!! Amazing actress and amazing photography. Truly lovely! <3


  4. These are beautiful pics-what a gorgeous young woman! Really enjoy her talent. These pictures do justice to her. Nice work!

    • Yes she is a very talented creature. I’m so glad you think the photos do her justice. Thank you heartily for your kind words! x

  5. Your words are like energy, I know that Claire was and is strong and she’s in the place she stays is not just she has in a jiffy all she wants, she fought for where she is today and that’s why I support her and I love her, she’s an amazing actress and the life is going to surprise her, also Because she deserve, she deserve everything she has and she want to, despite of the setback in her life she knows how to goes on, and with God’s help she’s going to success more than she do now, I love Claire with all my heart.
    Someday I want to be a photographer like you I love the photography and I love edit and all stuff like that I’m start and I love taking pictures about landscapes and I really love that if you can tell me a advice I’m all ears, amazing job

    • Thank for your gorgeous comment!
      The best advice I can give you with photography is to just keep shooting as often as you can. I try to take my camera every where with me. And If I don’t have my camera, I shoot on my phone. Practice makes progress. Every time I do a shoot, I learn from my mistakes and slowly get better and more confident. I hope this helps!
      Gemma x

  6. these shots are beautiful! i remember watching claire on H2O just add water and her being part of my childhood and seeing how she was just a beautiful mermaid haha, anyways like always you’re photographs and beautiful! can’t wait for your next post!

  7. I saw Claire’s post on Instagram and I was flashed’ so I had 2 check out all the other pics on ur website. Love em’

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