10 Reasons Bolivia’s Salt Flats Needs to TOP your BUCKET LIST!


  1. Gemma, those shots are amazing and love the perspective ones! Another place to add to the bucket list after seeing these. x

    • Thanks Nyree! I’m so happy to hear you’ve added it to your list. I can’t recommend it enough! x

    • It’s a dream. Make sure you added it to your list and be sure to include travel in your calendar. Even if it’s exploring somewhere 2 hours away from home. Who knows what inspiration it will bring x

  2. So fun, so gorgeous and so inspiring! Absolutely awe-inspiring and awesome 🙂 xo Im jumping on a plane now :-)!! xo

    • It truly is magnificent. But we also have some pretty amazing places to enjoy in heavenly Sydney! But yes, add it to your list and go go go baby! x

  3. Did you touch the salt flats with your hand? The texture you captured in the images looks incredible and I am dying to know what it felt like! Loved the images and loved how much fun you appeared to have.

    • I sure did! The textures varied because some parts of the salt flats were watery and it felt like smooth ice and other spots felt bumpy and rough. It is a truly fascinating part of the world!

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