Paradise & Palmtrees of Ban Sairee


  1. Gem! If the photos from your visit are this beautiful, I can only imagine how beautiful the ones will be from your wedding!

    Simply gorgeous you stunning lady xx

    Ps. That tree house ❤

    • Thanks B!
      And yes that tree house is everything. I wish I could uproot it, move it to Sydney and spend my days writing in it.

  2. Oh wow! That hotel tree house room is amazing! I cant believe something as beautiful as that exists! I hope you had a relaxing time 🙂

    • Isn’t it divine! I did indeed have a relaxing time. Feeling very refreshed and ready to get back into the life grind for a bit.
      Thanks for your comment Amara xo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! My husband and I are still trying to pick our vacation destination for the year with the plan to go in December as an escape from the harsh Midwest US winter. I have recommended Australia, Thailand, and Greece… He’s not going for it lol. The line I keep getting is “this hemisphere please.” So, I’m convinced I was born in the wrong country lol.

    Your wedding is going to be breathtaking in Thailand.

    • Thawing out your bones in a tropical location is essential for surviving a cold winter. It has been pretty cold in Sydney that the second I arrived in Thailand I felt my muscles instantly relax.
      I’ve never been to Greece but I can certainly recommend Australia and Thailand.
      If he’s not going for it, then I wonder, where does he have in mind?
      Gem x

      • We are discussing the possibility of either Jamaica or Costa Rica. But my husband changes his mind every time the wind changes direction…which can be pretty annoying, but I dish it right back to him. 🙂

        • Either would be amazing. Jamaica is on my list. Costa Rica is a dream. I did a tour of the national parks. I have ever seen such natural beauty x

  4. Thanks to you Thailand has been added to my bucket list. As always, another wonderful post with beautiful photos.

    • Thank you Melanie! And yes definitely add Thailand to your list. There is so much to explore. Not only are there beautiful beaches of the south, but there are jungles and waterfalls of the north galore! x

  5. You look so pretty in every photo! I especially like the picture of you at the beach. Ban Sairee looks like such a magical place; it looks like a great place to go to get away from the world. Every scenery shot is stunning. I must go to Thailand one day!

    The Runaway Journal

    • Thank you Rachel, the photos don’t do it justice in my opinion. You need to see it, feel the warm salty air and taste the flavors in the flesh. What I also love most about Thailand is that it offers all the luxuries you could ever dream of OR you could backpack the country on a budget and still have an experience of a lifetime!
      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Gem x

  6. such a beautiful and magical place, another place I need toad to my list of places to visit 🙂

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