1. Back in my mum’s day when most women in Stoke worked in the pottery industry, the Kitchen Tea included taking a piece of pottery made specifically for the bride. My mum still has a teapot with “E&M (Edna and Malcolm) 1960” hand painted on the base.

  2. The collection of recipes is actually a great idea. I have attended a large amount of bridal showers where a blank recipe card was mailed with the invitation for the guest to return to the bride at her shower containing one of their favorite recipes. This is great way to collect old traditional family recipes and to learn new ones. I managed to snag a family favorite cake recipe at mine where I grew up watching grown male family members fight over the last piece (in a friendly manner). I have also seen the guests who can not cook make the recipe cards humorous by providing a phone list of local pizza delivery restaurants or even directions on opening a bag of chips and jar of salsa or how to make PB&J. I am in the midst of planning my soon to be sister-in-laws shower and plan to ask for a collection of recipes for her to help her out as she is currently learning how to cook.

    • Oh I love everything about this!
      What a great idea to send a black recipe card with the invitation.
      I am on a bit of a cooking journey myself at the moment. I have never cooked until this year.
      I’m Stil very much a beginner but I will get there in time!
      Thanks for the hot tip!

  3. To be honest, I’ve never seen such a thing in my life but looks like a brilliant idea. Since its your big day coming up, you should make the most of it putting those ideas into action because weddings happen only once in a lifetime. So from me, go for it because you may never get to do this again.

    • I think you may be right! I think I go into overwhelm mode with all the planning. The wedding itself feels like such a big event that any additional events take the back seat. But I do love any excuse to get the girls’ together.
      There’s still time! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      Gem x

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