1. Hey Gemma,
    This was so interesting and just what I needed as I’m buying my first “proper camera” as I’m living in London and travelling lots.
    Quick question- why would you pick the Canon over the Nikon D3300? I’ve heard great things about that too.
    Stay awesome

    • Hi Caitlin,
      Both brands are fantastic! I played around on a few Nikons and they’re great too. The only reason I go for Canon is because I’ve found the user face of the menu and placement of buttons on a body are a little more auto-intuitive.
      But I have a few friends who use Nikon cameras and love them too. My suggestion would be to go to a shop and play around with both and see what makes sense for you. xx

  2. Thank you Gemma for doing this unboxing, I have been getting into photography in the last couple of years just using a digital camera and looking to upgrade to my first dslr camera and feeling lost at what to buy. I cant wait to get my hands on this camera and start taking some better quality pictures 🙂
    Laura xx

    • Hi Laura,
      So glad to hear you’ve been getting into photography! The camera world can be a little intimidating as there are just so many to choose from. Good luck with your camera purchase. It really will step up your photography game! Keep taking lots of photos!
      Gem xx

    • Hi lovely,
      The lenses I recommend for portraits are either the 50mm or the 85mm. For holiday snaps, I love the 35mm. It’s nice and wide so you can fit a lot of scenery in, but not too wide that you lose the candid moments. Hope that helps! xx

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