How to do Wellington in 3 days! (the right way)


  1. I only had one day in Wellington and we did the seal safari and loved it. Must go back and explore the city further.

    • Isn’t it fabulous?! Did you get Kent the tour guide too?
      One day in Wellington definitely isn’t enough. But you certainly picked a great tour to go on! x

  2. This was delightful! All of the pictures were amazing and I loved the little red riding hood-esque shots! Now that that gushing is out of the way, would you consider writing a post about how to plan a trip? Like the real nitty gritty of budget, best order to see a site, your experience on packing? Thanks!!!

    • Hey Cori,
      This is a great idea. I will definitely this about doing a post along these lines.
      I feel like after all my years of travel, I’ve got packing down to a fine art. Although I still sometimes over pack because I’m a typical girl and like to have options. haha! x

  3. This is amazing! I definitely need to go to Wellington because of your itinerary. Was there anything you wanted to do but didn’t get to?

    • Thanks Alexandra!
      Yes there were definitely a few more restaurants I would’ve loved to check out. Wellington really is a buzzing food hub.
      So three days wasn’t enough to explore all the culinary goodness on offer. x

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