Jules Sebastian, my camera & me…


  1. Oh. My. Goodness!!! what a gorgeous improv shoot Gemma!!! Jules is such a natural beauty and you’ve captured her so genuinely. Bravo! PS i neeeeeeed that hat! <3

    • Thank you Annitta! I think it was serendipitous that we couldn’t shoot in the park. Jules is just gorgeous. And yes, those hats are divine. I wanted to steal them all. xx

  2. Love the photo shoot Gemma ! Love the lighting! Did you use mostly a natural light? Or the lamps were used too? I always wanted to do a photo shoot like this with just the natural light, but I am not sure if the natural light is enough? How did you do it? Would love a little tip. Please!

    • Yes I used all natural light. No lamps necessary as I worked with the windows around the house. The house was quite dark so I was able to take advantage of the channels of light pouring through the windows. It creates a great contrast.
      Just made sure you bump your ISO up a bit to help brighten the image.
      I hope this helps!
      Gem x

    • Gorgeous Jules!
      What a dream to get to shoot with you. You are a bodacious babe with a smile to boot!
      So much love and mushy stuff xo

  3. Beautiful shots of a very naturally beautiful women. But must admit, just a smidgen less edgy than your usual shots when I feel I am getting a secret glimpse into something personal and intimate
    . But nonetheless awesome work as usual. xx

    • Thanks Georgie. This shoot was definitely a deviation from what I normally do. But I enjoyed the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone and shooting indoors. Would you believe 99.9% of my shoots are in the great outdoors!
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Gem x

  4. Beautiful shots. My fave is the first outfit… jules does look good in all of them. Great job xxx

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