How to Unleash Your inner Blogger!


  1. Absolutely loved this Gemma 🙂 so helpful and insightful. Thanks for anwering a few of my questions 🙂 Can’t wait to see more vlogs! xxx

    • Thank you Melissa. Glad I was able to be helpful. And thank you for sending in your questions!

  2. Brilliant vlog Gemma, you’re a natural at it. Great blogging tips too! Even now 2 years after starting my blog I still have days when I think really, do people really want to see me when I post pictures of myself in fashion posts but fashion is something I enjoy so I stick with it.

    Victoria x

    • I totally understand and it still crosses my mind too. But like you, fashion is a passion of mine and it’s ok to share it loud and proud. x

  3. Brilliant Gem – such a superstar, the camera (and I) love you! You are made for vlogging! Would love to see more, keep up the amazing work xxx

  4. Thanks for the great Vlog Gem, and it’s so good to hear you again as well as see you in your amazing photographs. Just wish I had the discipline to maintain a blog, and I suspect my two passions of sport and politics may attract a few more led than complimentary comments ;). Oh, and a message from my 82 year old mum who watched the Vlog with me: she thinks you’ve got a really cool fireplace behind you! Look forward as always to the next peanut gallery update. x

  5. Gemma, you are hilarious!!!
    I’m so grateful I’ve come across your blog – I’ve spent two months playing with my blog, but haven’t yet hit publish!!!
    You’ve inspired me to do it… (by Sunday!)

    • Don’t delay hit that publish button Publish right away! Don’t be afraid just do it. I have to take a deep breath every time before I hit that blasted button! Love Gem x

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