1. Gorgeous, Stunning, Beautiful!! All the above..

    Love love love!! And a huge congratulations to you girl for winning. So deserved xx

  2. Great photos and well deserved! What tools did you use on the iPhone 6 to edit? Shows it’s not about the camera but the eye behind it!

    • It’s insane what we can now achieve on phone cameras. I just used the editing tool that comes with the iPhone in iPhoto. They’re basic but sometimes it’s good to be limited. I really enjoyed the challenge! Thank you for your kind words! Gemma x

  3. It is very easy to snap photos with a phone. But to make them look like art, is an art in itself! Great job Gemma!! Congratulations! Well deserved!

    • It blows my mind what phone cameras can create! I really thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Thank you for your kind words! Gemma x

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