Rejection of the crazy bridal diet!


  1. Well done Tom! And without wishing to sound insufferably cheesy and vomit inducing, no dirt could make you a more beautiful bride than au-naturelle x

      • When you said “dirt” I actually thought you were referring to make up. Hahaha. Is actually works in the context of how you wrote it.

    • Yes and the funniest thing is that Tom would have no idea that what he said ad such a profound impact on me. Unless of course, he reads this post!

  2. Gemma!

    So lovely to read this post!

    I am so proud of this and am totally on the same page when it comes to rejecting all fad diets! You are a natural stunner right now, and you don’t need to change my love – stick to mother natures grain free whole foods and you can’t go wrong.

    xx Sammi

  3. Hi Gemma, I just wanted to say I am a teen girl and to hear you say things like these extreme diets are not promoting a healthy body image is so refreshing. Ever since watching you on Neighbours you have inspired me and now I have discovered your blog/website I am finding more sources of insoiration! Thank you so much xx

    • That means so much. I am very passionate abut promoting a healthy body image!
      Thank you for your support towards my blog lovely x

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