To choose or NOT to choose your engagement ring?


  1. My husband proposed with a loose diamond and then we went to the jeweller together to design it (ok, I made that call!) but it was just perfect for us 🙂

  2. I think a mix of shopping online and also visiting a few stores when buying a ring is a pretty good way to shop. You get the best of both worlds by seeing and trying some rings as we did with my partner. It’s nice to try a few rings and look at the diamonds close up. We were quite new to all this so we studied up online first about diamonds and the properties, features to look out for, this free eBook was helpful for learning the ins and outs of diamonds too.

    • Couldn’t agree more! I think it’s a great idea to get educated on what ring you are buying. Great link! Thanks for sharing! xx

  3. I LOVE this and I completely agree with you. I want my bf to pick it for me, of course he has a little guidance but I want to be surprised and I want to know it came from his heart. Funny enough I trust him completely and would not be concerned at all. I find it so refreshing that you mention the concept around the ring cost because it makes no sense to me at all why this is a measure of how much some one loves you/your status. Cannot wait for more diary entries!! Much love xx

    • Hi gorgeous!
      How wonderful that you completely trust your man to pick the right one.
      It’s all about the meaning after all. Bigger ring does NOT = bigger love!

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