Coming Full Circle: THE EVER AFTER


  1. The movie looks fantastic and your story is inspiring. Beautiful! Thank you for continuing to create substance that brings me joy!

    • I had so much fun working on this film. I appreciate your comments so much. I will always strive to create fab content.
      Thank you again for your words!

  2. You’re a very strong woman Gemma, i can see it in your eyes though i haven’t meet you personally. 🙂 I admire you for quite sometime already. I’m following you on instagram and i’m so amazed with all your shots. I know you’re happy now and hope no more tears in the future. You are really very stunning in that film. Now you are my inspiration. Hope i can meet you someday. Xoxo-Mira

    • Hi Mira,
      You are too kind. Life is a wonderful journey. Full of peaks and valleys and terrific lessons.
      Today I’m am grateful for the tough times as it truly makes me appreciate every moment of the good.
      Thank you for your support and love towards my blog. It means the world!

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