My Camera + Me!


    • Thanks Mon! He’s a dear that brother of yours. I’m so lucky to have him in my life x

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment! It’s so important to play and not to be afraid of learning new things! I love your photos and your blog, keep up the good work! x

  2. I have just been introduced to your blog and share the same view point about being a blogger/photographer. I will admit being a self taught photographer and thanks for admitting it as it made me realize that I too can be proud to admit to it. Check out my website I share travel adventures and fashion through my photography and am building my photography website and business and it’s not easy. I would encourage you to purchase the fisheye lense as it’s soo much fun you will see some of my work with it on my website. I love that lens! Photography is a great learning experience and an art and everyone’s is different and unique. I look forward to more of your work. x

    • Hi Kimberley,
      Thank you for your kind words. You should absolutely be proud to admit you are self taught. Your photos are beautiful. I particularly love the ones taken in Apollo Bay. I will definitely invest in a fisheye lens soon!
      Keep at it! x

  3. Just want you to know that seeing your blog today inspired me to strive harder as a photographer. It helped me open up my eyes more to see the creativity and art in front of me. Great job on your blog! Please keep posting! xx

  4. Hey Gemma I just wanted to ask you a quick question about canon batteries. I just got a 70d loving it! Still learning how to use it but having heaps of fun with it. Anyway I was wondering if you should only use canon batteries or you can go for a cheaper option and their still fine? I want to get a spare but not sure what I should get? Thank you xo

    • Hi Corries, Congrats on your 7D. It’s a fabulous camera! Yew!
      I’ve bought batteries that aren’t from canon and I haven’t had any issues with them.
      Hope that helps!
      Gem x

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