The 1920s! Oh how we love them! I have been heavily influenced lately by the resurgence of the roaring 20s. Can you blame me? Its glamour is plastered all over our screens with shows like Downton Abbey and a bold remake of The Great Gatsby. Fashion is cyclical and this particular era is one I'd welcome with open arms and coax to stay a while.

So I've decided to add some sparkle and jazz this week with a bejewelled flapper inspired headpiece. But here's the challenge - how to wear such a lavish piece of head candy without looking like the guest at a fancy dress party? The trick is to pair it with something clean, simple and modern. Stay away from a dress with fringing people! Fringing is the quintessential detail that defined the 20s and will instantly throw you into costume territory! So beware folks. My other suggestion is to not let the headpiece overwhelm you. Learn to be a little irreverent with it. Don't put too much emphasis on the fact that you are indeed wearing a 1920s headpiece, but rather, think of it as no different to a necklace or a bracelet you would add to any outfit.

So if you're going to go for it, go big or go home I say. Own it! Just as the 1920s bravely stepped away from conservative formal attire, be loud, proud and wear that fine jewel with wild abandon!

Love miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...

Headpiece | MARKET FIND


Heels | ZARA

Necklace | SAGE RIDER


Gemma Pranita Photography | Matthew Rooney Special thanks | Renee Bargh for this gorgeous dress | Luke Mcfarlane for having me on your rooftop.

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Matthew Rooney

Special thanks | Renee Bargh for this gorgeous dress | Luke Mcfarlane for having me on your rooftop.



It's winter! That wonderful time of year where we all disappear into the fashion vortex of monochrome. I am definitely guilty of this. As the cold winter days take on a grey and bleak demeanor, my wardrobe, without fail, unconsciously mirrors it. I find myself repeatedly reaching for the classic black, white and grey combination. 

But never fear, there is a plus side to monochrome. it is the perfect canvas on which to paint colour! So today I am breaking my winter habit by introducing a pop of colour. But be brave folks... Don't go for a timid or tame colour... GO FOR A SPLASH OF NEON! 

Love Miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...

Beanie | TOPSHOP






Gemma Pranita Photography | Alexandra Rooney Location | Tamarama, Sydney, Australia

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Alexandra Rooney

Location | Tamarama, Sydney, Australia

Oh fair Vermont!


Never have I seen such lush greenery as I have in fair Vermont. I only spent a short two nights there and I can honestly say I didn't want to leave. It's no secret that autumn is my favourite season, but I have to say that the rich vibrant greenery of summer in Vermont easily rivals the fiery trees of fall! 

I was lucky enough to be invited to a 'touch of gatsby' themed wedding. And in true Gemma Peanut style, I left it to the last minute to figure out what to wear. On this occasion, I completely ran out of hours in the day to go dress hunting! So I dashed over to my dear friend Renee Bargh's house and raided her wardrobe (This post is now officially dedicated to life saver Renee!)  It didn't take me long to settle on this little number. It had all the lace trimmings, floral appliqué and pleats a girl could ever wish for, making it the perfect dress for a fancy Vermont wedding!

With all the delicious construction and detail on this dress, it was safe to assume that it belonged to a luxury brand. But to my compete surprise (and delight), I discovered it was from Topshop! 

Good old Topshop keeps winning my heart over and over. Today I salute them for making fashion affordable without losing all the trimmings!

Love Miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...


Bag | FOREVER 21

Shoes | ZARA


Gemma Pranita Photography | Matthew Rooney Special thanks to Renee Bargh

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Matthew Rooney

Special thanks to Renee Bargh

Mother Teresa, Mother of Rain


Mother of Bodhi Rain that is!

Another day, another afternoon of pure relaxation at the Webber/Palmer household.  I love going to Mark and Teresa's house to escape the LA madness. Their home, nestled among the tree tops of the hollywood hills has always been like some sort of zen garden to me. A place to regroup with yourself, take a deep breath and exhale the chaos of the day. And I can confirm that even with the presence of a four month old inhabitant now sharing the nest, the house remains as tranquil and peaceful as ever.

Just as listening to the rain has a soothing effect, Bodhi Rain brings a similar calm. He is quite honestly the most serene baby I have ever met. He epitomises the phrase "cool as a cucumber". He's a keen observer, with eyes so deep you get lost in them and a laugh that melts your heart.

As Teresa and Mark are "ever the zen parents" they asked that I only include photos where you can't see little Bodhi's face. They believe that Bodhi has the right to choose whether he wants to take centre stage or not. They see him as his own little being with preferences and beliefs. The choice to make his image public will be his alone.

Enjoy the photos!

Love Miss. Peanuts 


Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber and Bodhi Rain Photography | Gemma Pranita All images are the property of Gemma Pranita of Gemma Peanut Gallery

Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber and Bodhi Rain

Photography | Gemma Pranita

All images are the property of Gemma Pranita of Gemma Peanut Gallery



Once again, I'm a sucker for Magic Hour. On this occasion I find myself bathing in the evening sun on a rooftop in fair Little Italy in "oh so trendy" Manhattan. 

In my mind, there is little better than sun worshipping whilst channeling ones inner kitty kat in this wicked beanie by LILYA.


Love Miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...

Beanie | LILYA

Blouse | LILYA

Suade Tunic | LILYA

Bag | Michael Kors

Brogues | Vintage Find

Sunglasses | Melrose Markets


Gemma Pranita Photography | Matthew Rooney Special thanks to Luke Mcfarlane for having us on your rooftop!

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Matthew Rooney

Special thanks to Luke Mcfarlane for having us on your rooftop!

Rachael Taylor, my camera + me.


Welcoming another bombshell to Gemma Peanut Gallery. None other than silver screen siren, Rachael Taylor. I have been following Rachael’s career for a decade now. When I was a fresh faced wee peanut just graduating from drama school, I basically wanted to be her. I loved the kinds of films she worked on. I loved how effortlessly articulate she was in any interview. She may be blonde but her mind is sharp and her tongue witty. 

I first met Rachael years ago (She doesn’t remember this story, but I was sure to remind her at our shoot together). I had just arrived to my very first meeting with my shiny new acting Managers at Marquee Management. I remember nervously (slash excitedly) walking into their office and standing right there before me, finishing up her meeting, was Rachael. She sweetly introduced herself, welcomed me to Marquee with a warm smile and gracefully glided out the door. I was starstruck to say the least.

Cut to 2014 at an event in Los Angeles. I was hanging out with the DJ,(my dear friend and Peanut Gallery muse, Tahyna Tozzi), trying to remain incognito. (Did I mention I’m really bad at schmoozing at events. I get really awkward. So I hide). Rachael has been friends with Tahyna for many years and marched over to say hello to her. Just as I was about to reintroduce myself, Rachael turned to me and said. “I know you. You’re Gemma Peanut. I follow your blog. It’s awesome!”. I was gobsmacked. And further more, she went on to say “We should shoot together!… If you’ll have me of course”. Hmmm let me think about that Rachael… ummmm… YES PLEASE!

And boy did we shoot together! It was a dream. The girl’s a pro. This definitely wasn’t her first rodeo. She’s not only a great story teller in motion pictures but also in stills. She makes a million offers to the camera, changing up her face and pose with every click of my finger. I felt like I was engaged in some sort of secret visual poetic dialogue with her when we shot. 



These pics were taken at Rachael’s beautiful home in Venice. I took a series of photographs of her in a few different outfits which I will be sharing with you guys over the next week. In this first outfit, Rachael is wearing (surprise surprise) SASS & BIDE trousers, white t-shirt by DION LEE, Jacket by APC and jewelry by ORLIKA.


Love Miss. Peanut x 


Actress | Racheal Taylor Photography | Gemma Pranita

Actress | Racheal Taylor

Photography | Gemma Pranita

All images are the property of Gemma Pranita of Gemma Peanut Gallery

Margot Robbie, My Camera & Me

Magot final 1 copy.jpg


Her name may hark back to the 1930s, and her disarming beauty rivals any siren of the hollywood golden age, but the Margot Robbie I know is a modern day, down to earth Aussie, who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, you’d have to race her to get to the mud!

This is what I love most about Margot. Even though she’s become a deserved household name with her killer performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, she’s still the same old Margot. It didn’t matter that she was dressed in couture for The Golden Globes rubbing shoulders with our childhood poster boys, Margot still found the time to swing by my apartment the next day, armed with a tub of ice-cream and a long list of hilarious youtube clips she couldn’t wait to share.

So it was no surprise that even though she’s posed for top photographers and graced the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair, she was still keen as mustard to shoot with me for my little Peanut Gallery. And as she’s a true blue homegrown Aussie, it made perfect sense for me to style her in none other than my all time favourite, Sass & Bide!

We did this photo shoot guerrilla style. We shot in a gorgeous secret loft in Downtown LA generously provided to me by the wonderful Collin and Jessica Stark. There was no hair and make up artist, no wardrobe department and no fancy lighting. Just me, my camera and Margot, a lot of laughs and some glorious natural light pouring in through the tall loft windows.

I hope you enjoy our photos!

Love Miss. Peanut x


Margot Robbie

Photography | Gemma Pranita

Special thanks to SASS & BIDE and Collin & Jessica Stark (

All images are the property of Gemma Pranita of Gemma Peanut Gallery

Concrete Jungle of Dreams





My fourth stint in New York this year and I simply cannot get enough. It is the only place on earth that truly feels like my home away from home. When I'm gone too long I start to get that itch. And boy did I scratch it this time around. 

I decided to share with you, in the form of a photo journal...


I have tried to keep my commentary to a minimum for this post, as I'm a believer in a picture being worth a thousand words.


Love Miss. Peanut x


Crossing 7th Avenue

The Majestic Empire State Building

Balcony view from the Rockefeller Center

Lunch pitstop at "EL CENTRO" on 9th & 54th. Best chilaquiles in all of Manhattan!

Bridge crossing to Roosevelt Island

View of New Jersey in the background

Another addiction of mine, Ben & Jerry's half baked Ice-cream

Roosevelt Island is situated between Manhattan & Queens

I'm pointing to a faint view of the Freedom Tower. Built in place and in memory of the Twin Towers

Trotting through Soho. Homeward bound


Back at my apartment on Sullivan St, Soho


What I'm wearing...


Knit top | LILYA





Photography | Matthew Rooney & Gemma Pranita

My Camera + Me!


FIRST AND FOREMOST I would like to apologise in advance for the tardiness of this long awaited blog post. (This is a classic better late than never moment!). I know many of you have e-mailed and tweeted me for months asking about my camera, lenses and techniques.

If I may have a moment of honesty, I think the reason I avoided this for so long is because I overwhelmed myself with how much writing I knew I would need to do for this post. And to share a little secret with you all... I actually can be quite self conscious about how I write. It's a weird hang up from high school and a very mean English teacher who made me feel like a failure. But today I shall abandon my inhibitions and write without a slither of self judgement.

So here it is... Finally! A very different blog post from me today where I shall share with you all my photography secrets. Where did I study photography?  What camera do I use? What lenses? Hot tips? Who photographs me? The lot!

Happy scrolling!




I am completely self taught. It is a big deal for me to say this out loud because for some strange reason I feel like it doesn't make me a legit photographer or something. But screw it! Today I'll say it loud and proud. "I AM SELF TAUGHT EVERYONE!". I figured that if my photos are visually pleasing to someone and can illicit some sort of emotional response, even if it's as simple as intrigue, I've done my job.

How did I teach myself, you may ask? Drum roll please!... This wonderful thing called YOUTUBE.

Side note: You can find lessons on anything on youtube. I once learned how to fix my broken dishwasher on Youtube. I felt like a boss when I got it working. When my dishwasher purred like a kitten again I danced around my kitchen high five-ing a thousand angels! 

So yep, since I decided to dabble in photography 8 months ago, I have spent hours upon hours watching SLR camera tutorials on Youtube. I would type into the search bar questions as broad as "How to use a Canon 7D?", to as detailed as, "What is spot metering good for?". I cannot recommend this enough. There are some serious gurus out there who have taken the time to film themselves broadcasting their wisdom. This blogpost is now officially dedicated to all those legends!

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Processing and editing is one of my favourite parts of photography. It's where everything comes together and the magic happens.

Side note: My other favourite part of photography is the actual shooting part. I find it rather meditative. Something beautiful happens in the moment. It's as if the world just melts away and I'm locked in and fully engaged in a private dialogue with my subject. Together we create shapes, find the perfect light and make offers to one another. Ideas are born and magic happens. My least favourite part, hands down, is the uploading of images from my camera to my computer part. BORING! (It's a patience game really).

Back to editing programs... When I started out as a beginner, I used a free online program called (It's really user friendly and, like Instagram, has many great filters to play with). But don't get too carried away, often raw images are best and don't need enhancing. Less is more peeps! I have now upgraded to a program called LIGHTROOM - It's fab! It has its challenges but every day I learn a little more. One day I would like to tackle and master photoshop. I'm thinking of enrolling myself into a short course on photoshopping.

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It's so important to experiment, take chances and PLAY with your camera. I can promise you will have moments of pure frustration and make mistakes. BUT you will also have triumphant moments and make accidental/serendipitous discoveries! I learn something new after every single shoot. Remember, there is no such thing as failure, only lessons. And there's beauty in imperfection. Some of my favourite pics have happened completely by accident.


I have included a little gallery of some behind the scenes moments of me shooting below. You'll notice I wear very plain comfy clothes (denim cutoffs!) which I feel somewhat guilty about since I'm claiming to be some sort of fashionista on this blog. Ha! But I assure you, it is purely out of necessity. I need to be able to move around quickly and easily -  be a crouching tiger when I need to be or a ninja balancing on a precarious rock. In those moments, being fashionable ain't my priority. Getting the shot I want is!

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I only ever use natural light. You just can't beat it. Plus I love being outdoors. My favourite time to shoot is late late afternoon/early evening to capture the golden rays of magic hour. The sun is so low you can snap a beautiful backlit shot with lens flare (Oh how I love lens flare!). And then there's twilight. The illumination that is produced by sunlight scattering in the upper atmosphere just as the sun is out of sight and the light becomes deliciously desaturated. Heavenly! 


It is important to get your model (or as I like to call them 'my muses') to relax. Chat to them. Photography shouldn't be rigid and serious, it should be fun. Even if the final image has a serious tone, that doesn't mean you can't giggle your way through a shoot together. And never take your eye off your muse. Sometimes you can capture those beautiful candid moments like a burst of laughter or a second of pensiveness as they ponder a question you've asked them. There's beauty in every moment.

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Canon EOS 7D



50mm (Great for close up shots to achieve that blurred out background we all love)

18-135mm (I don't use this one anymore since upgrading but it's great for beginners)

24-105mm (My baby, what I shoot most on)



85L mm and a badass fisheye lens (better keep saving up!).

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My CANON EOS 7D with a 24-105mm lens

My CANON EOS 7D with a 24-105mm lens

50mm | 18-135mm | 24-105mm |

50mm | 18-135mm | 24-105mm |


First of all (another moment of truth serum) I don't love being the subject of photographs. Shock horror! But It's true. It's a real challenge for me to relinquish control and let someone else handle the camera. But I'm learning to get over it and confidently strut my stuff in front of the lens and trust my photographer.

Initially is was difficult to find someone to shoot me for my posts. I had to rely on dear friends, ask for favours and navigate around everyone's busy life schedules. In December last year, I faced the reality that I needed to find someone consistent. Someone readily available on weekends. Someone I just happen to spend a lot of time with and is going to be around for the long haul. But who? 

Meet Rooney (or as I like to call him 'Mister Roo'.) He is my soul mate and long time best friend (17 years to be exact). We started dating last year. In many ways, we couldn't be more opposite (he works in finance. yup!) but in many other ways we are identical. We share the same values, a spirit for adventure and a love for Ben & Jerry's.

He heroically put his hand up to be my in house photographer. Like me a year ago, he knew absolutely nothing about photography but over the last few months he has been a sponge. He's my lovable nerd with a thirst for knowledge. I feel so grateful to get to journey through this wonderful thing called life with this incredible human being.



I hope you've enjoyed this blog post. I poured my heart and soul into it. If you have any more questions regarding my photography, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mailing And if you're interested in weekly updates, please click on the 'SHOW SOME LOVE' icon and subscribe to GEMMA PEANUT GALLERY today! And if you're already a subscriber, thank you heartily for your interest, love and support!

Love Miss. Peanut xx

The Sass in Sass & Bide


It's no secret that I am an advocate for homegrown Aussie designers. And my favourite of them all? SASS & BIDE of course! SASS & BIDE is the brain child of Aussie duo Sarah-Jane Clarke (sass) and Heidi Middleton (bide). My love affair with S&B goes all the way back to my early teen years. I remember saving up my pocket money so I could be the proud owner of their "East Village Hipster Jeans" back in 1999. It was an age where you and your six besties wouldn't be caught dead wearing mismatched outfits. So we marched around like a group of proud lemmings wearing our S&B jeans like a badge of honour. 



It's crazy to think that just a few months ago I was tapped on the shoulder by a beautiful stranger and asked the question "Are you Gemma Peanut?". To which I replied "Oh My God, yes!". She then went on to tell me how much she loved my blog and that her friend Heidi from S&B had pointed her in the direction of it. I'm sorry what?! This took a second to compute. "Wait a minute!" I said, "Heidi Middleton knows about my little Peanut Gallery?" (At that moment my inner thirteen year old fainted).



It's even crazier to think that now, many years since my first introduction as a wee teen, that S&B would grant me access to their new collection before its season release for my Peanut Gallery! And once again I am proud to wear this dress like a badge of honour, collaborating with a label that I have been a fan of for well over a decade! Happy Days indeed!

Love Miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...

Dress | SASS & BIDE



Lipstick | MAC "REBEL"


Gemma Pranita Photography | Matthew Rooney

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Matthew Rooney