I arrived at Caye Caulker in Belize with a hop, skip and a jump ready to take on the island! Only to be met off the ferry by locals telling me to "Go slow man! Why you have to be in a hurry man? This is island life". I giggled to myself and did a mental double take to make sure that I was in fact in Belize and not Jamaica. But it's easy to confuse the two. My senses were flooded with Caribbean breeze, the hum of golf buggies (yup, not a car in sight on this island) reggae tunes and salty dreadlocks. Time slowed to a standstill and I knew instantly that I would soon optimize the term "chillaxed".


Caye Caulker is breathtakingly beautiful. I met many ex travelers who chanced upon this island and never returned home. It's easy to understand why; you eat like a king, the ocean hugs you like a warm bath and the local faces are defaulted to "smile mode".

There are many highlights of my time in Caye Caulker, but if I had to pick a few I'd say... indulging in an absurd amount of hammock time, eating king lobster every night, watching spectacular sunsets from The Split and swimming with sharks, stingrays and seas turtles. Sigh! Remind me why I ever left?

Love Miss Peanut x


Photography | Gemma Pranita & Matthew Rooney

Photography | Gemma Pranita & Matthew Rooney

To Tranquility & Beyond!


If the definition of tranquillity is the state of calmness, peacefulness and serenity,

then Lake Atitlan should be its accompanying image in the dictionary.


Lake Atitlan | Guatemala Gemma Pranita, Matthew Rooney & Jessica McNamee

Lake Atitlan | Guatemala

Gemma Pranita, Matthew Rooney & Jessica McNamee

Laguna Lodge Eco Resort | Lake Atitlan


It’s as if I stumbled into Never Neverland. When I arrived at Laguna Lodge eco resort my breath was instantly stolen from me. I contemplated pinching myself to make sure that I was indeed awake and that what lay before me like a majestic treehouse along the lakeshore was in fact real.

Everything about Laguna Lodge screams “sustainable luxury”. Its wooden, palm and volcanic stone design is inspired by its beautiful natural surroundings (did I mention that the Lodge poetically keeps company with a trio of volcanoes?) Nestled in its privately owned 100 acreage of land with Mayan trails to explore, the lodge even boasts an award winning organic restaurant!

What more could anyone ask for?



Bikini by TRIANGL



To tempt you further... The food is deliciously outstanding! The award winning Zotz restaurant delivers only the highest quality of local organic vegetarian food (even my carnivorous boyfriend didn't miss eating meat for a second during our stay). The produce is handpicked from the Lodge's organic garden and is delivered on foot. Farm to table dining is a trend that is taking many major cities by storm at the moment and Laguna Lodge is no exception.



Laguna Lodge is a haven for creatives. I couldn’t have asked for a more inspiring, tranquil and relaxing setting to write my blog posts. As someone who is on the go all the time seeking out adventure and activities, it is a treat to be forced to slow down, calm my thoughts and open my senses to nature’s offerings. The clamour of city life starts feeling like a distant memory. How heavenly!


Dress by LILYA



I must confess that I am no stranger to a hammock. Like the rest of the world's population, I have taken to a hammock like a duck to water so I am forever on the hunt for the perfect suspended reclining device. It is therefore my pleasure to share with you that, without doubt, the mother of all hammocks lies within the dense tree tops of Laguna Lodge's 100 acre nature reserve. But you have to earn this baby! I hiked up the steep mayan steps and trotted along the mountainous ridge line to find this secret spot of pure relaxation. My reward was a spectacular view of the volcanoes like a water colour painting in front of me and a cooling breeze to rock me gently to sleep.




There are only six suites at the lodge to maximise absolute peace and privacy. It really is the perfect romantic getaway for couples. The spacious rooms are beautifully decorated with intricate woven textiles and indigenous antiques. I slept like a baby in their hand hewn king bed!

I also have to mention that the service at Laguna is 5 star. The staff are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and go above and beyond to make sure your stay is both comfortable and memorable. 



Bikini by MIKOH


To this mix of delights, add the free use of kayaks provided by the lodge (a perfect vehicle for a picnic lunch at one of the many unspoiled beauty spots around the lake) and there you have it - happiness wrapped up in Laguna Lodge!

I hope you enjoyed my photo diary!

Love Miss. Peanut x


Special thanks to Laguna Lodge Eco Resort Photography | Gemma Pranita & Matthew Rooney

Special thanks to Laguna Lodge Eco Resort

Photography | Gemma Pranita & Matthew Rooney

Colour Bomb | Antigua, Guatemala


Let me take you on a journey of colour!

When I first arrived in Antigua, what struck me most was the vivid colour pallet at every turn, in every direction. Bright ice cream hues on the walls clashed perfectly with local Guatemalans favoring rich, deep multicoloured textiles. It was such an overwhelming feast for my eyes I could only conclude that I'd spent my life living in black and white until now!

Enjoy my photo diary with my travel companions

Los Tres Amigos: Jessica McNamee, Matthew Rooney and myself!

Love Miss. Peanut x





Pacaya Volcano Hike

Check out the ruins at Casa Santo Domingo

Jade Museum

Chocolate Museum

Local Textile Markets

Walk to Cerro de la Cruz

Eat a Feast at Cactus Taco Shop








Very excited to share my shoot with guest Gemma Peanut Gallery photographer EDDIE NEW. Once again, I am an advocate for supporting Aussie talent, so it is my pleasure to introduce you to the work of Mister NEW. 

Eddie and I met in Los Angeles through a mutual friend and soon to be Peanut Muse, Miss Dena Kaplan. It didn't take us long to find ourselves locked and loaded into a deep conversation about all things cameras, lighting and lenses. Eddie has been in the game professionally for a few years now so I morphed myself into a sponge and instantly became Luke Skywalker to his Master Yoda.

And as luck would have it, our timing aligned perfectly to find us both in New York at the same time. The result? A perfect day meandering through the streets of Brooklyn, eating ice-cream and taking photos.


Love Miss Peanut x




What I'm wearing...

Knit top | LILYA

Overalls | ZARA

Shoes | H&M

Necklace | SAGE & STONE

Sunglasses | RAYBAN



To see more of EDDIE NEW's work click here.


Gemma Pranita Photography | Eddie New

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Eddie New

Alli Simpson, my camera + me


There are people in this world you meet who have that “Je ne sais quoi” about them. That unnameable essence that seems so damn good you want to bottle it. And this Aussie sweetheart has it in spades!

Welcoming the deliciously delightful Alli Simpson to the virtual pages of Gemma Peanut Gallery. A worldwide fashionista and trend influencer at the tender age of 16, Alli won my heart with her easy breezy yet vivacious personality and her unapologetic playful approach to fashion. Her 1.5 million instagram followers are treated to a daily fix of homegrown Australian goodness with a Californian backdrop. A heavenly combination if you ask me.

Alli was a dream to photograph. She may be young but she’s no novice when it comes to working it in front of the lens. We spent a warm summer evening with her beautiful family at Santa Monica beach with sand between our toes and sunshine in our hair. Joie de vivre!

Love Miss. Peanut x

p.s Please excuse my french. I realise I’ve used a lot of french in this post. If you don’t know the meanings behind the phrases I’ve used, I highly highly recommend you google them! Everything sounds tres magnifique in french!


Alli Simpson Photography | Gemma Pranita Make up | Natalie Malchev Location | Santa Monica Beach

Alli Simpson

Photography | Gemma Pranita

Make up | Natalie Malchev

Location | Santa Monica Beach



The 1920s! Oh how we love them! I have been heavily influenced lately by the resurgence of the roaring 20s. Can you blame me? Its glamour is plastered all over our screens with shows like Downton Abbey and a bold remake of The Great Gatsby. Fashion is cyclical and this particular era is one I'd welcome with open arms and coax to stay a while.

So I've decided to add some sparkle and jazz this week with a bejewelled flapper inspired headpiece. But here's the challenge - how to wear such a lavish piece of head candy without looking like the guest at a fancy dress party? The trick is to pair it with something clean, simple and modern. Stay away from a dress with fringing people! Fringing is the quintessential detail that defined the 20s and will instantly throw you into costume territory! So beware folks. My other suggestion is to not let the headpiece overwhelm you. Learn to be a little irreverent with it. Don't put too much emphasis on the fact that you are indeed wearing a 1920s headpiece, but rather, think of it as no different to a necklace or a bracelet you would add to any outfit.

So if you're going to go for it, go big or go home I say. Own it! Just as the 1920s bravely stepped away from conservative formal attire, be loud, proud and wear that fine jewel with wild abandon!

Love miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...

Headpiece | MARKET FIND


Heels | ZARA

Necklace | SAGE RIDER


Gemma Pranita Photography | Matthew Rooney Special thanks | Renee Bargh for this gorgeous dress | Luke Mcfarlane for having me on your rooftop.

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Matthew Rooney

Special thanks | Renee Bargh for this gorgeous dress | Luke Mcfarlane for having me on your rooftop.



It's winter! That wonderful time of year where we all disappear into the fashion vortex of monochrome. I am definitely guilty of this. As the cold winter days take on a grey and bleak demeanor, my wardrobe, without fail, unconsciously mirrors it. I find myself repeatedly reaching for the classic black, white and grey combination. 

But never fear, there is a plus side to monochrome. it is the perfect canvas on which to paint colour! So today I am breaking my winter habit by introducing a pop of colour. But be brave folks... Don't go for a timid or tame colour... GO FOR A SPLASH OF NEON! 

Love Miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...

Beanie | TOPSHOP






Gemma Pranita Photography | Alexandra Rooney Location | Tamarama, Sydney, Australia

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Alexandra Rooney

Location | Tamarama, Sydney, Australia

Oh fair Vermont!


Never have I seen such lush greenery as I have in fair Vermont. I only spent a short two nights there and I can honestly say I didn't want to leave. It's no secret that autumn is my favourite season, but I have to say that the rich vibrant greenery of summer in Vermont easily rivals the fiery trees of fall! 

I was lucky enough to be invited to a 'touch of gatsby' themed wedding. And in true Gemma Peanut style, I left it to the last minute to figure out what to wear. On this occasion, I completely ran out of hours in the day to go dress hunting! So I dashed over to my dear friend Renee Bargh's house and raided her wardrobe (This post is now officially dedicated to life saver Renee!)  It didn't take me long to settle on this little number. It had all the lace trimmings, floral appliqué and pleats a girl could ever wish for, making it the perfect dress for a fancy Vermont wedding!

With all the delicious construction and detail on this dress, it was safe to assume that it belonged to a luxury brand. But to my compete surprise (and delight), I discovered it was from Topshop! 

Good old Topshop keeps winning my heart over and over. Today I salute them for making fashion affordable without losing all the trimmings!

Love Miss. Peanut x



What I'm wearing...


Bag | FOREVER 21

Shoes | ZARA


Gemma Pranita Photography | Matthew Rooney Special thanks to Renee Bargh

Gemma Pranita

Photography | Matthew Rooney

Special thanks to Renee Bargh

Mother Teresa, Mother of Rain


Mother of Bodhi Rain that is!

Another day, another afternoon of pure relaxation at the Webber/Palmer household.  I love going to Mark and Teresa's house to escape the LA madness. Their home, nestled among the tree tops of the hollywood hills has always been like some sort of zen garden to me. A place to regroup with yourself, take a deep breath and exhale the chaos of the day. And I can confirm that even with the presence of a four month old inhabitant now sharing the nest, the house remains as tranquil and peaceful as ever.

Just as listening to the rain has a soothing effect, Bodhi Rain brings a similar calm. He is quite honestly the most serene baby I have ever met. He epitomises the phrase "cool as a cucumber". He's a keen observer, with eyes so deep you get lost in them and a laugh that melts your heart.

As Teresa and Mark are "ever the zen parents" they asked that I only include photos where you can't see little Bodhi's face. They believe that Bodhi has the right to choose whether he wants to take centre stage or not. They see him as his own little being with preferences and beliefs. The choice to make his image public will be his alone.

Enjoy the photos!

Love Miss. Peanuts 


Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber and Bodhi Rain Photography | Gemma Pranita All images are the property of Gemma Pranita of Gemma Peanut Gallery

Teresa Palmer, Mark Webber and Bodhi Rain

Photography | Gemma Pranita

All images are the property of Gemma Pranita of Gemma Peanut Gallery